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Nimbus, inc. offers an innovative provider of Wireless/Internet multimedia communication system, especially transmitting and receiving 1080p60 full HD resolution of video and high quality audio over the air. The company’s WiMi series of system represents near zero delay (within 30ms~80ms) H.264 HD encoder /decoder solution combining the ubiquity, flexibility and simplicity of the latest H.264 codec with the radio coverage of 900m at the line of sight.

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  1. Nimbus WiMi5200 - Wireless HD/3G-SDI System
  2. Nimbus WiMi5150A - HDMI Wireless System
  3. Nimbus WiMi6220 - Wireless HD/3G-SDI/HDMI Low Latency System
  4. Nimbus WiMi5150AR - HDMI Wireless Receiver
  5. Nimbus WiMi6220T - Wireless HD/3G-SDI/HDMI Low Latency Transmitter
  6. Nimbus WiMi6220R - Wireless HD/3G-SDI/HDMI Low Latency Receiver
  7. Nimbus WiMi5150AT - HDMI Wireless Transmitter
  8. Nimbus WiMi5200T - Wireless HD/3G-SDI Transmitter
  9. Nimbus WiMi5200R - Wireless HD/3G-SDI Receiver
  10. Nimbus WiMi5200A Receiver
    Nimbus WiMi5200A Receiver
    MSRP $1,250.00
  11. Nimbus WiMi5200A Transmitter
  12. Nimbus WiMi5200A System
    Nimbus WiMi5200A System
    MSRP $2,500.00
  13. Nimbus Wireless AP Repeater for WiMi5150A, WiMi5200, WiMi5200A and WiMi6220
  14. Nimbus 2dBi Bar Antenna
  15. Nimbus Mini-DC12V Adapter for WiMi6220/5150A/5200
  16. Nimbus DC12V Adapter (12V for WiMi6400/WiMi5300A)
  17. Nimbus D-Tap Cable Adapter (Mini Jack DC Input to D-TAP)
  18. Nimbus 23dBi Panel Antenna (1m Patch Cable)
  19. Nimbus 6dBi Bar Antenna
  20. Nimbus WiMi5200 System Bundle

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