Our Mission: Engineering high quality, leading-edge technology for AV signal distribution.

MuxLab is a leading designer and manufacturer of connectivity and distribution solutions for commercial and residential installations of all sizes. Though specializing in the professional AV and broadcast markets, MuxLab products have been implemented in countless, high quality AV installations in every major market around the world. Since its inception in 1984, the company continues to be a forerunner of technological advances in signal distribution and connectivity.

While keeping up with emerging technologies, MuxLab’s mission has remained the same: provide easy to use and affordable solutions that deliver all forms of audio/video anywhere. With a deep understanding of the customer’s need for quality, performance and reliability, the company designs and engineers its products in Canada with this focus in mind.

MuxLab’s extensive, flagship line of AV over IP solutions cover all major compression technologies including H.264 /H.265, MPEG and JPG2000, as well as uncompressed signal delivery up to 4K/60 resolution and many audio options, offering solutions for HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, SDI, KVM and audio applications.

MuxLab strives to partner with customers around the world to empower AV installations, and provide a flawless transmission of AV anywhere, anytime.

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  1. MuxLab CCTV Modular Balun (BNC)
  2. MuxLab CCTV Screw Terminal Balun
  3. MuxLab Analog Audio Balun
  4. MuxLab Digital Audio Balun
  5. MuxLab CCTV Mini Balun
  6. MuxLab CCTV Power-Thru Balun (RJ45)
  7. MuxLab CCTV Power-Thru Converter Balun (24VAC-To-12VDC)
  8. MuxLab Monopro XLR (Male)
  9. MuxLab Monopro XLR (Female)
  10. MuxLab Stereo Audio Balun
  11. MuxLab Stereo Hi-Fi Balun
  12. MuxLab Stereo Hi-Fi Balun (2-Pack)
  13. MuxLab Stereo Hi-Fi Balun (Female)
  14. MuxLab Stereo Hi-Fi Balun (Female, 2-Pack)
  15. MuxLab Stereo Hi-Fi Wall Plate Balun (UK)
  16. MuxLab Stereo Hi-Fi Wall Plate Balun (US)
  17. MuxLab Stereo PC / Audio Balun
  18. MuxLab Quad Audio Balun
  19. MuxLab Stereo Hi-Fi Video Balun (2-Pack)
  20. MuxLab VGA Balun II Kit
    MuxLab VGA Balun II Kit
    SKU MUX-500040-42-PK
    MSRP $162.00

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