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The Training Campus includes a full production studio within the 60,000 sqft 1SourceVideo headquarters, acquired in November 2014. The training campus also features support offices, digital workshops, editing bays, a product showroom, a master control room, hair, make-up and dressing room, prop and set storage, en-suite green room and dedicated kitchen to fuel creative minds and talent.

We understand the importance of customer support. 1SourceVideo’s facilities and services are available to the public. Every product that is represented on our line card is available, in action, at our facility. Our studio has integrated every vendor to show a complete workflow and to validate that we are the 1Source for all of your needs. Our primary focus is to provide these tools as a highly requested resource to our resellers and their end consumer. The facility is also available for use by the community and local businesses as an outreach to support local filmmakers and the lines we represent.

Apart from experiencing the ideal product ecosystem in our production studio, resellers and end users alike, can immerse themselves in reaching a higher level of proficiency in using the products themselves. By taking advantage of the additional resources offered at our Training Campus, they can provide additional training to their staff or counterparts, learn advanced techniques (directly from manufacturers) to make competitive content, or configure more advanced workflows with corresponding products.

Studio Setup

Production Studio

Finally, a neutral "no sales pitch" zone, where anyone can experience multiple products working together, in real time, to produce a full length motion picture or live professional broadcast. Our expansive production studio offers this experience to the public as well as the ability to create real content with relevant equipment. No expense has been spared in the construction of the studio, making all the necessary components and more available to wow your clients. Featuring grid mounted lighting, large scale green screen walls for real time chroma key and a wide array of audio recording options, the sound-proof studio is ready for you to tour with your clients; or to have them shoot, produce and create. Use the studio’s dedicated bay doors to bring in your own custom sets or use those offered on site.

Between production, a fully dedicated kitchen is available to production staff, with private dressing, hair and make-up room. Upcoming talent can wait in an exclusive green room and watch the live broadcast as they prepare to make the stage. All of the content can be managed live or in post, down the hall in our 12G capable Master Control Room. A professional camera & production team is on site ready to assist to ensure the best quality production.

Master Control Room

We have developed a Master control room that can support any production. This automated technical hub is 12G capable and configured to output stunning content. Lighting, cameras, and sound all make a huge difference, but the control room is a vital part of each production and we didn’t skimp out any details.

Color Correction and Edit Suite

The 1SourceVideo color correction and grading suite features the world’s most advanced color correction system. Multiple projects can be produced simultaneously within the color suite. From large feature films to episodic series, every tool needed to produce a project worthy of international acclaim is available on site for use.

Working with high frame rates, high processing speeds or high resolution is effortless within the color suite as accelerated workstations and expansion chassis provide necessary components for limitless creation.

Fairlight Audio Suite

1SourceVideo's Audio Suite is outfitted with the latest in Fairlight Audio Editing with a full 5-bay Fairlight Editing Console. Complete with channel fader panels, channel control panels, a Fairlight Audio Editor and LCD monitor console, our high end suite is fully prepared for mixing and editing for large track counts. Used by Hollywood and broadcast, Fairlight consoles make it possible to mix large projects with a massive number of channels and tracks.

Product Showcase

When the production studio is in use, products can still be viewed in our hands-on product showroom. The product showroom is not joined to the production studio so products available in the studio can be demonstrated at any time in the showroom.

Training Center

In our live stream ready Training Center, we can support streaming media as a live web broadcast, transmit audio and video of a live event across the internet to viewers not able to physically participate, encode existing audio and video files and convert them into popular streaming media formats. Inside the Training Center, (2) 90” television monitors flank the wall behind the instructor in a room capable of instructing up to 60 students. Our streaming services allow online viewers to interact with the instructor in real time during the broadcast, creating a dynamic experience unlike traditional remote training sessions.

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Green Room

Adjacent to the studio your talent will find an upscale Wi-Fi ready green room with multiple couches and amenities. A huge television panel adorns the wall providing a live view of all activity within the studio.

Prop Storage

Props can be stored onsite for ease of use on an upcoming production. Our shipping and receiving teams can assist with the logistics portion of Prop transport.

Dressing Room

An exclusive dressing room featuring a dedicated bathroom facility is available for talent in close proximity to the production studio.

Multiple Conference Rooms

Within the 1Sourcevideo corporate office, there are multiple conference rooms available for use. Meet with story board teams, producers or operators in comfort for a brainstorming session.

Staff/Talent Kitchen

A dedicated kitchenette is exclusively available to talent or production staff as needed from the green room. Stainless steel appliances and glass tile accents round out the sense of professionalism to everyone involved in the production.

Additional Services

The training facility can also serve as an event space for like-minded creatives to collaborate and discuss trending issues, or provide unparalleled market feedback to product managers that may influence an entire roadmap of new products.

We invite you to attend one or more of our free instructor-led, hands-on or live streamed training sessions. All training sessions last between 60 - 90 minutes and have one or more live Q&A periods. Via Livestream, multiple camera angles show an intensive look at the techniques used by professionals or the manufacturers themselves. In person, attendees can practice these techniques onsite with all equipment provided. In either format the training is fully interactive.

Based on the product, training will be held in our advanced training center or in our professional production studio. Attendees will also see how integration of the products or software discussed work in real time in our master control room. The equipment used in our Training Center and Production Studio mirror the industry leading devices used major productions. Despite which format of training you attend, you will be engaged and gain confidence that will lead to profitability in sales and/or production quality.

Loaner Equipment

1SourceVideo will also make loaner equipment available on site for resellers to extend training to their staff back in their home office or allow clients to visit them locally.

End User Training

End users will receive a designated training code on the product packaging or with electronic delivery on select products purchased from authorized 1SourceVideo resellers. Once received, they have the ability to reserve the training course of their choice (Onsite or Live streamed training) with access to a restricted area of our training portal. This service will only be available through 1SourceVideo resellers.

Certification Courses

Upon availability from our vendors, Certification courses for certain products will be offered onsite. Subscribe to our Email list (bottom of page) to receive notification as these options become available.