Broadcasting with a Mac is so easy and simple with Softron Media Services.

In an era where we are surrounded by all kinds of media, broadcasters are looking for ways to optimize their workflows. At the same time, professional organizations big and small are discovering that video is a very effective means to communicate with employees, business partners and customers. To this end, the Apple Mac is a proven, solid and sound platform to create and deliver your video that can bring your messages effectively and efficiently across.

Softron Media Services offers a wide range of solutions for the video professional. From playout to ingest its solutions will turn a standard off-the-shelve Apple Macintosh computer into a professional broadcast server. Softron Media Services is proud to be one of the first Mac only software companies to have trusted the Apple platform for broadcast operations. Our first software aimed at television broadcasting was developed in 1993.

Softron Media Services products are OPEN: all the products are expandable, can talk to third-party applications and are available both online and from selected resellers for your convenience. We are proud of our products and we do encourage you to check our products before buying them. All demo versions are fully functional but the usage duration is limited and/or have a watermark.

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  1. Softron S|80R (8 Channels Ingest or Replay, Dongle Included)
  2. Softron S|8R (8 Channels Instant Replay, Dongle Included)
  3. Softron S|80 (8 Channels Ingest, Dongle Included)
  4. Softron S|40 (4 Channels Ingest, Dongle Included)
  5. Softron Dynamic Graphics Overlay for OnTheAir Video 4
  6. Softron MovieRecorder 4 (Including CC + ProCodecs)
  7. Softron MovieRecorder 4 (Upgrade from MovieRecorder 3, No Option, 4 Pack)
  8. Softron MovieRecorder Express 4
  9. Softron OnTheAir Node 4
  10. Softron Streaming Pack for Softron Applications (currently Movie Recorder/Movie Recorder Express)
  11. Softron SerialCommander (4 Ports USB to RS422 Ports)
  12. Softron M|Replay
    Softron M|Replay
    SKU ST-3.A011
    MSRP $1,495.00
  13. Softron OnTheAir Video 4: Closed Captioning/Subtitles Option
  14. Softron OnTheAir Node 4: Closed Captioning/Subtitles Option
  15. Softron OnTheAir Video 4
  16. Softron OnTheAir Video Express 4
  17. Softron MovieStreamer HLS
  18. Softron Multicam Logger
  19. Softron GPI Commander
  20. Softron OnTheAir Manager: EPG Option

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