Softron OnTheAir Node 3: Closed Captioning Option

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Closed Captioning option for OnTheAir Node 3

This option enables the output (in the SDI output) of Closed Captioning, Subtitle (OP47) and VANC data such as SCTE35.

For Closed Captioning, CEA-708 and CEA-608, used mainly in the United States it supports captions in:

  • a QuickTime closed captioning track
  • a MXF closed captioning track
  • in SD, in VBI signal
  • a SRT sidecar file (in the same folder and using the same name as the video file) 

For OP47, (used mainly in the Europe and Australia) it supports:

  • a MXF-OP47 file (with OP47 embedded in the file)
  • a SRT or STL sidecar file (in the same folder and using the same name as the video file) 


  • OP47 requires OnTheAir Node 4 or later. So if you use OnTheAir Node 3, you will also need to purchase a OnTheAir Node 4 upgrade.
  • Make sure to use a supported hardware (check our help desk's help center). It must support to output VANC.
  • You will not be able to mix and match frame rate. You will have to use clips that are the same fps as the output settings. If using a QuickTime video track, it must be created using the same format and fps as the output. 


If you are ordering an option together with a OnTheAir Node license, you will receive only one serial number that contains everything, the application license, with all the options. But if you already have the license and that you order this option at a later time, you'll have to follow the guidelines below. 


If you are using a Serial Number, you will receive an upgrade serial number that you will add to the list of serial numbers in the "License" window and activate it, just as a "Master Serial Number" (the one that you received when you first ordered. This means that you will always have to have the 2 Serial Numbers activated.

 If you are using a Dongle, you will need to send us the dongle serial number that you intend to upgrade so we can send you an upgrade file for that dongle. 

If you are using a Serial Number but want to upgrade to a dongle, it is still possible, order a dongle from the store and tell us what Application Serial Number it should replace. We will then send you the procedure for the migration. 


By default, when ordering a license, you will receive a Serial Number by email that will require an activation using an internet connection. Before moving your serial number to another computer, you will need to deactivate it form the first computer. We strongly advise ordering the dongle option in cases of a critical use of the software, for example, if you need to move your license frequently from one computer to another, OR if you want to quickly move the license from the main computer to the backup in case of a hardware malfunction.

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