Shipping & Delivery

Routine Orders

Our goal is to process all orders within 24 hours of receipt by the order processing department. Orders are processed and shipped during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 9:00AM - 4:00 PM EST/MST, excluding major holidays). If we encounter any problems processing or shipping your order you will be contacted within one business day.

International Shipments (Duties/Taxes)

1SourceVideo will not accept responsibility for any fees associated with shipments. For international shipments the reseller is required to submit a letter confirming this with each order. Additionally, for international drop shipments, the letter must also indicate whether the reseller or their client will assume responsibility for any international fees associated with the shipment of the order. Shipments will not be released until this information is obtained. If the reseller wishes to assume responsibility for every international order then they may submit a letter requesting to post this statement to their account. This notice on file will eliminate the need for an additional letter with each order and in turn prevent delays in obtaining this information.

For templates of the required letter please contact your assigned account representative. Please verify the applicable fees or shipping requirements with customs before making purchase.

Shipping Cost

We can ship your orders via UPS: Ground, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day, Next Day Air Service, and Next Day Air Saturday Delivery. For International orders we can ship: UPS Standard/ UPS Worldwide Expedited/ Worldwide Express. The total cost for shipping will be listed on the invoice for each order which is emailed within 24 hours once the shipment leaves our facility. If there is no shipping service indicated on the purchase order, or “Best Way” is noted, the order will ship via UPS Ground and the reseller will be charged accordingly. If “best way” and a requested date is noted on the purchase order the order processing department will accelerate the shipment to fulfill the requested date and charge the reseller accordingly.

All billable shipments leaving our facility are insured. The fee for the insurance is included in the shipping costs. The cost of shipping can be predetermined by your sales representative. Please submit your request in writing via email which should include the destination email, part number(s), quantity, and service desired. All shipping quotes are estimated and subject to change. Additional charges may apply.

You may also request a Proforma Invoice from our order management department prior to order fulfillment. A proforma invoice is not an official invoice but is a confirmed purchase order detailing the final cost associated with the shipment. A “Commercial Invoice” used for international shipments will be created at the time of actual shipment.

Reseller Provided FedEx Account Shipping

1SourceVideo is proud to provide the ability to use your own reseller shipping providers. In the case of using FedEx, it is the Reseller's responsibility to select their desired FedEx shipping service within the Checkout along with providing their personal Reseller FedEx account number inside the Additional Order Information space on the review stage of the checkout. If no FedEx account is provided, shipment will default to UPS and reseller will be responsible for shipping costs.

Changing UPS Providers

As of December 29, 2019, changing method of shipment from 1SourceVideo’s UPS account to the resellers UPS account after time of label creation or shipping will incur a $18.00 surcharge per tracking number (per box) billed to the reseller.

Redirected Shipments

To redirect a shipment, a sales order revision must be submitted via the portal, either by the red pencil button within "Open Orders" or "All Orders", or by using the Sales Order Revision topic within the "Contact Us" forms. Any requests to redirect a shipment must be submitted before 4pm EST (for any orders shipping to EST and CST time zones) or 4 pm MST (for any orders shipping within MST and PST time zones). If a request to re-direct a shipment is submitted after the cut off time and the shipment has left the facility, the reseller will be responsible for a $25.00 surcharge and any fees associated with getting the shipment to its final destination or for the return of the shipment.

Packages held at UPS or FedEx hub

If the reseller requests to hold a package at a FedEx or UPS facility, they must contact the appropriate warehouse in a timely manner, or indicate their request on their purchase order.

Changes to Contents or Speed of Shipment

Unfortunately we cannot accelerate the speed of any shipment once it has left our facility. Please contact your account representative immediately to try to devise an alternate solution if possible. The contents of a shipment cannot be modified once the shipment has left our facility. To modify the order, a cancellation request for the original order must be submitted via the portal, either by the red X button within "Open Orders" or using the Cancellation Request within the "Contact Us" forms. A new order should then be submitted with the correct product and/or shipping service. The reseller will be responsible for any shipping fees associated with the original order and the replacement order.

If the shipment has been delivered, the reseller will be unable to cancel the order. An RMA request must be submitted immediately to request return of the items. No product that has been delivered is to be returned to 1SourceVideo without authorization. Any product received without an authorized SVRA number will be returned to the sender and the reseller will be charged accordingly.

Undeliverable Packages

If the address provided for a shipment is undeliverable; we may contact you to verify the address for reshipment before the shipment is returned. The reseller is responsible for all fees associated with the original shipment and to the final destination, including any returned shipments.

Refused Shipments

The reseller is responsible for all fees associated with a refused shipment, including the original shipping and the return shipping costs.

Shipping Destinations

1SourceVideo currently distributes to markets in North and South America. Products that ship from the U.S. to an international destination are subject to brokerage and duty fees.

Where will my Order ship from?

1SourceVideo manages two fulfillment centers. Our East Coast Warehouse is located in Hazlet, New Jersey and our West Coast Warehouse is located in Chandler, Arizona. Each order will automatically be routed to ship from the warehouse closest to the shipping destination. Orders will ship based on availability. Due to backorder status, if the customer wishes for their order to ship from the warehouse with availability regardless of distance from the destination point or an increase in shipping charges, they can indicate this preference on their purchase order.

Courier Service

We can accommodate resellers who wish to use a courier service. Resellers must submit a written statement with their order which releases 1SourceVideo from all legal responsibility and liability once the order is removed from our premises. The reseller must also provide the name of the courier service and representative who will be picking up their shipment. The representative from the courier service must present a valid ID and sign our waiver at the time of pick up before the shipment is released.

Can I ship C.O.D. or to a P.O. Box?

Any reseller with an account in good standing may ship via C.O.D. by indicating this preference in the payment terms section of their purchase order. We will not drop ship to any end users. A physical street address is required for delivery. Unfortunately, UPS and/or FedEx do not ship to P.O. Boxes.

Can I ship to APO addresses?

Yes. In order to prevent any delays in delivery, please indicate the Physical Address, Phone Number, and all pertinent information in the address field such as: P/O number.

Can I Drop Ship/Blind Drop Ship to my Clients?

Yes, we can blind drop ship to an end user. No information regarding 1SourceVideo will appear on the shipping label or on the packing slip. Resellers can also forward their own packing slip and we can insert it with the package as a convenience. All Drop Shipments must include the Name and Phone Number of the recipient. Any fees associated with an incorrect address, provided by a reseller, will be charged to the reseller.

We are able to use our reseller’s freight account or their end user’s account for UPS or FedEx shipments. The account number and owner are required to be indicated on each purchase order.

Shipping Times

Every effort is made to process and ship each order within the same day it is placed. Orders shipping within EST and eastern CST time zones will ship from our NJ warehouse. Orders shipping within MST, PST, and Western CST time zones will ship from our AZ warehouse.

The fulfillment time frame is dependent on stock availability. 1SourceVideo maintains between 4-6 weeks of inventory on hand on a daily basis at both warehouses. Occasionally, special orders and production delays may affect the availability of some products. If an out-of-stock or back-order situation arises, the products that are on backorder status will not be invoiced until they are ready to ship. A copy of the invoiced product will be emailed within 24 hours and will indicate any backordered product. If the order is to ship complete, this must be indicated on the purchased order. If there is a backorder on any product and the reseller wishes to expedite the shipment of their order by shipping from a further warehouse due to availability, they must indicate this on their purchase order.

General Time Frames (UPS Only)

Commitment Service
Next Business Day UPS Next Day Air Early A.M. Delivery as early as 8:00 a.m.
Next Business Day UPS Next Day Air Delivery as early as 10:30 a.m.
Next Business Day UPS Next Day Air Saver Delivery as early as 3:00 p.m.
2 Business Days UPS 2nd Day Air A.M. Delivery typically by 10:30 a.m.
2 Business Days UPS 2nd Day Air Delivery typically by end of day
3 Business Days UPS 3 Day Select Delivery by end of day
1-5 Business Days UPS Ground Delivery based on distance to destination

Ground Service from Hazlet, NJ

Ground Service from Chandler, AZ

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