Payment Options

Wire Transfers (Domestic and International)

Wire Transfers are initiated by the reseller and their bank to make payments to 1SourceVideo's bank. Wire Transfers may expedite drop shipments and rush orders, since payment is typically received faster, depending upon your bank. Wire Transfers can be used for Net Terms invoices and Sales Order prepayments by Resellers. Resellers are responsible for outgoing wire transfer fees and charges, as 1SourceVideo also incurs fees for your incoming transactions. Bank information provided upon request.

ACH (U.S. Bank Accounts Only)

ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments are Electronic payments initiated by the reseller and their bank to make payments (Credit) to 1SourceVideo’s Bank. Resellers are responsible for outgoing ACH charges, as 1SourceVideo also incurs fees for incoming transactions. ACH transactions can take 1-3 business days depending on when payment is initiated and the resellers' banks' protocol. Bank information provided upon request.

Prepay/Credit Card

1SourceVideo accepts most major credit cards* (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Credit Cards are managed, by the Resellers, within the 1SourceVideo Reseller Portal, while maintaining PCI compliance. Simply login to the Reseller Portal and on the left side navigation menu choose Manage Cards to add or update credit card data.

* Credit cards pricing apply

Company Check

Resellers who have been authorized with Payment Terms may choose to pay their Net 15 invoices by their company check. Prepay Resellers may choose to pay for their orders, however shipments are contingent upon receipt of payment. All checks must be made payable and sent to:

3 Crown Plaza
Hazlet, NJ 07730

Intuit E-Checks (U.S. Bank Accounts Only)

In order to submit a payment using Intuit E-check, it will require initial set up to grant permission for the reseller to make payments on the Portal. Any reseller personnel authorized to make payments, on the reseller’s behalf, will require a specific log in using their email address, to be in compliance.

Required documentation for Intuit E-Check payments would include a list of reseller personnel with corresponding emails authorized to make payments, on the reseller’s behalf. This must be on company letterhead signed by the owner/CEO.

Reseller will be required to supply the 1SourceVideo accounting department a copy of a voided company business check showing the bank’s routing & account numbers. Multiple bank accounts can be set up. There is no fee for the reseller to process a payment using the Intuit E-Check payment option. It is also the fastest method of payment.

It is imperative to contact the 1SourceVideo accounting department of any changes to your personnel, previously granted access to your banking and payment options so as to remove their permissions.

Credit Allocation Authorization

If a reseller has been issued a CREDIT MEMO and or has open money on account, we require a Credit Allocation Authorization form to be filled out to authorize use of funds. The Credit Authorization Form can be found within the Reseller Portal under “Contact Us” tab on the left side navigation menu.

Returned Electronic/Stopped Check Fee

There is a $35.00 fee on all returned funds or stopped checks. The Accounting department must be notified directly regarding any stopped checks.

Delinquent Payments

Delinquent payments or any falsified information can result in account suspension or legal action.

Net Terms

1SourceVideo offers net terms payments for approved resellers in good standing, who also meet certain criteria. Apply for Net Terms by filling out the Net Terms Application.