ATEM Pocket Controller Workflow

Before now, you could only use an ATEM Mini, or the Blackmagic Plus App to control your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. It is now possible to control your Blackmagic Camera remotely using your ATEM Switcher thanks to the revolutionary new product the ATEM Pocket Controller from Middle Things.

This device allows you to use the ATEM Software Control or the ATEM Camera Control panel with your pocket Cinema Camera 4k or 6K. The APC works by converting the SDI program feed from any ATEM switcher (excluding the ATEM Minis) into a Bluetooth signal that the pocket cameras can read. After pairing your APC with your Pocket Cinema Camera using the dedicated ATEM Pocket Control app for IOS, you will be able to control zoom, shutter, iris, white balance, gain, and some primary color corrections.

With the APC you can use a compatible Ronin Gimbal as a PTZ head. By using an optional cable from Middle Things and connecting it from the APC to the DJI Focus Wheel, you can control the gimbal directly using the Blackmagic Advanced panel 1M/E, 2M/E, or the 4M/E. The APC is also compatible with all cameras from Blackmagic that utilize bluetooth like the URSA Mini Pro, the G2, and the broadcast. Complete the workflow by adding a sturdy and reliable 75mm AGILE 6 Mini E-Z load tripod system from Ozen, A Blackmagic Design 6k camera and Azden Compact Cine mic bundle, and portable cinema SSD memory from Delkin Devices.

Complete the Workflow

Middle Things ATEM Pocket Controller

MSRP $490.00

Middle Things Ronin-S Control Cable

MSRP $30.00

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K & Azden Compact Cine Mic Bundle

MSRP $2,194.00

Delkin Devices Juggler™ USB 3.2 Type-C Portable Cinema SSD Drive (1TB)

MSRP $299.99

OZEN 6AL2 75mm AGILE 6 Mini E-Z LOAD Tripod System

MSRP $1,295.00