1SourceVideo strives to give their resellers every advantage they can get to further their brand and selling capabilities. With that, our website can become a great source for value and information. Here you will find documentation on where to find our best assets and help guide you as to where to find and utilize them. Browse the select menu and learn how best to take advantage of our website!

  • Find & Download Current Price Sheets

    Finding and attaining our manufacturers most recent price sheets is one of the most important things avaiable on With these price sheets, you can assure your store (web and brick and mortar) are up to date with pricing, new products, discontinued products and more.

    Step 1: To begin, you can simply scroll down to the footer of any page and find the link within the Services section titled Reseller Price Sheets.

    Step 2 (If Necessary): If you are not already logged into your 1SourceVideo account, you will first be prompted with a page stating that price sheets are only able to be viewed by active resellers, thus needing you to first log in before you can access them. If you are already logged in, you will skip this step and appear at Step 3.

    Step 3: After arriving on the Reseller Price Sheets page, you will be presented with the full list of brands we offer on the right side of the page. Here you can download all available price sheets in one shot, or download them individually.

    Once downloaded, simply find the price sheets within your download destination and you'll have the most recent months price information for their respective manufacturers at your disposal!

  • Find & Download Manufacturer Press Kits

    Using our resources to help influence your webstore and ultimately your sales is what we strive for at 1SourceVideo. With the Press Kits created and supplied in-house, we are giving you all the tools to fill your webstore with the manufacturers products, including Hi-Res images, product descriptions and more.

    Step 1: To begin, you can simply scroll down to the footer of any page and find the link within the Services section titled Brand Press Kits.

    Step 2: After arriving on the Brand Press Kits page, you will be presented with a dropdown menu filled with all of our active manufacturer offerings. Here is where you will select which manufacturer you are looking to attain a Press Kit for.

    Step 3: Once you have selected your preferred manufacturer, their full product listing will display with their relevant download. Alternatively, you could download all press kits at once with one big zip file that is always supplied at the top of the manufacturer listing.

    After downloading, find the press kit within your download destination and you'll now have all of the product information you'll need to get your store up and running with any of our supported brands!

  • Find & Utilize Blackmagic Design Resources

    Using our currated Blackmagic Design resources gives you an one stop shop for information on one of your favorite 1SourceVideo provided brands. From general news and downloads, to detailed tech specs and supplied manuals, 1SourceVideo has brought everything Blackmagic to your finger tips.

    Step 1 (If Necessary): If you are not already logged into your 1SourceVideo account, you will need to do so. If you are already logged in, you will move on to Step 2.

    Step 2: After successfully logging in, hover your mouse over the 'Reseller Toolkit' link on the right side of the navigation menu, doing so will show you all the options available within the Reseller Toolkit - namely on the right side you will see the header Blackmagic Design. All the links listed below the header, from Latest News & Downloads to a Demo Approval Form, are there to assist you in learning and providing greater knowledge and resources to your customers on the great Blackmagic Design options available to you.

    We encourage you to invest a little time into checking out which each link has to offer. From the latest Blackmagic news, most up-to-date codecs and downloads, manuals, guides, compatible lens available at 1SourceVideo and even a Demo Approval Form to have Blackmagic Design product displayed right inside your store!

  • Check Estimated Shipping Costs

    Being able to see costs and having the expectation of what to expect when making orders, in particular very large orders, is paramount in regards to shipping costs along with expected delivery dates to correctly and accurately price out a production size build. Although nothing is perfect, 1SourceVideo provides the ability to closely estimate what a specific orders shipping cost will be for a given reseller depending on price, weight of order (packaging), selected shipping method and destination.

    Step 1: Assuming you are already logged in (as you can't add items to your cart and proceed to the Cart/Checkout pages otherwise), To begin checking estimated shipping costs, click on your cart at the header of any page.

    Step 2: With your cart being displayed (containing all of your desired items), look towards the bottom and click where you will see VIEW CART.

    Step 3: After landing on the Cart page, you will notice on the right hand side the Summary section. Click on the tab labeled Estimate Shipping & Tax.

    Step 4: Within this tab, you will now be able to input the location of your destination; including the Country, State/Providence and/or Zip/Postal Code along with the preferred shipping method to give you an estimated cost for shipping.

    Federal Express Shipping will always be denoted as $0.00 as it requires the Reseller's FedEx Account Number which is used post order submission and shown via Invoice, if no Federal Express Account Number is given during checkout, the shipping will be defaulted to UPS.

    Now knowing what possible additional costs will be applied, your company will be better suited to deal with billing and costs both for yourselves and allowing your customer to also know what to expect.

    Shipping costs are estimated and subject to change. Additional charges may apply.
  • Watch 1SourceVideo Training Videos

    Knowing a product inside and out is key to success when trying to sell a product. With all the high quality brands that 1SourceVideo has to offer, it can be daunting trying to keep up with new products and workflows. Because of this, 1SourceVideo not only brings in their respective manufacturers to do custom recorded product demos in our fully operational production studio at the East Coast Headquarters, but also currates all the informational videos they can find to have them all in one place, for their coveted resellers to enjoy.

    Step 1: To begin, locate the 'Product Videos' link within the navigation menu from any page.

    Step 3: Once arriving on the Product Videos page, you will find on the left side, two navigation menus that include Brand Videos which include 1SourceVideo created videos along with various other creators, and a Webinars section that are all webinars hosted by 1SourceVideo at their production studio and facilitated by the manufacturers themselves.

    Hours upon hours upon more hours of footage is at your grasp, be it a Blackmagic Design informative video on DaVinci Resolve or a durability test dropping GEN ENERGY batteries from high distances. Anything you could be looking for and wanting to learn more is here, go on and find out more!