Juicebox BP-955 Style Battery for RED Komodo and Canon C Series


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Categories: Accessories

Juicebox BP-955 Style Battery for RED Komodo and Canon C Series

Powerful enough for the new RED Komodo

Features 10-amp LG-brand li-ion cells (~500 charge cycles)

Made with high tolerance PCB components and an aluminum interior construction

Backed by Juicebox's full year warranty against any malfunction



The Juicebox JB-955 battery is one of the highest quality BP-955 style batteries that you can buy. We use only the highest quality PCB components, 10-amp LG Brand li-ion cells (~500 charge cycles) and an aluminum interior construction. These batteries are precise, rugged and will power your device longer than the Canon original. Like everything that Juicebox sells, the JB-955 battery is backed by a full one year warranty against any type of malfunction. The Juicebox JB-955 battery is compatible with:

  • RED Komodo

And the following Canon cameras:

  • C2
  • DM-MV1, DM-MV10
  • E1, E2, E30
  • EOS C100
  • EOS C100 Mark II
  • EOS C300, C300 PL
  • EOS C500, C500 PL
  • ES50, ES55
  • ES60, ES65
  • ES75
  • ES300V
  • ES410V, ES420V
  • ES520A
  • ES4000, ES5000
  • ES6000, ES6500V
  • ES7000ES, ES7000V
  • ES8000V, ES8100V
  • ES8200V, ES8400V, ES8600
  • FV1
  • G10, G10Hi, G15Hi, G20Hi
  • G30Hi, G35Hi, G45Hi
  • G1000, G1500, G2000
  • GL1, GL2
  • MV1
  • MV10, MV10i
  • MV20, MV20i
  • MV200, MV200i
  • Optura, Optura Pi
  • UC-V10, UC-V20, UC-V30
  • UC-V100, UC-V200, UC-V300
  • UC-X1, UC-X2
  • UC-X30
  • UC-X40, UC-X45
  • UC-X50, UC-X55
  • Ultura
  • V40, V50Hi
  • V60Hi, V65Hi
  • V72, V75Hi
  • V400, V420
  • V500, V520
  • Vistura
  • XF100, XF105, XF200, XF205, XF300, XF305
  • XH A1, XH A1S
  • XH G1, XH G1S
  • XL H1A, XL H1S
  • XL1, XL1S
  • XL2
  • XM1, XM2
  • XV1, XV2
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Product Name Juicebox BP-955 Style Battery for RED Komodo and Canon C Series
Manufacturer Juicebox
MAP Price $49.00
Weight 0.600000
UPC Code 709402086284