The future is fiber

Traditional copper cabling technology has reached its ultimate limit, and we have to accept that it can’t transport the higher resolutions and frame rate of today’s digital video and cinema protocols over longer distances.

Fiber optic technology does not have these limitations, and is perfectly capable of transporting huge amounts of data over virtual any distance, maintaining signal integrity from start to finish without compromise.

Moreover, fiber optics is more than ready for the migration to Video over IP, and is paving the way for the IP roadmaps that are being drawn towards tomorrow's infrastructure.

The future is FieldCast

FieldCast is not just a fiber cable, it is designed as a complete fiber optic system, enabling you to implement fiber optics fast, easily and efficiently, indoor and outdoor, in the studio and in the field.

With FieldCast you don't have to be a system integrator, technician or engineer to bring it all to light. Start using it today, and be ready for tomorrow's parties.

The FieldCast system is robust, affordable, easy to use, and available from stock. FieldCast is made to last.

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  1. New
    FieldCast 4K Upgrade Bundle for Blackmagic Studio Camera
    * Only available on serial number of FieldCast 4K Kickstart Bundle
  2. FieldCast Adapter One
    SKU FC-br001
    MSRP $365.00
  3. FieldCast Adapter One Plus
    SKU FC-br005
    MSRP $389.00
  4. FieldCast Adapter Two
    SKU FC-br004
    MSRP $327.00
  5. FieldCast Adapter Three
    SKU FC-br010
    MSRP $350.00
  6. FieldCast Adapter Four
    SKU FC-br011
    MSRP $363.00
  7. FieldCast Panel One
    SKU FC-br003
    MSRP $460.00
  8. FieldCast Power Panel One
    SKU FC-br008
    MSRP $708.00
  9. FieldCast Power Box One
    SKU FC-br013
    MSRP $657.00
  10. Built to Order • 6-8 week lead time
  11. Built to Order • 6-8 week lead time
  12. Built to Order • 6-8 week lead time
  13. New
    FieldCast Fiber Dock One
    FieldCast Fiber Dock One
    SKU FC-co202
    MSRP $5,622.00
  14. New
    FieldCast Fiber Node One
    FieldCast Fiber Node One
    SKU FC-co201
    MSRP $6,111.00
  15. New
    FieldCast Fiber Base One
    FieldCast Fiber Base One
    SKU FC-co200
    MSRP $3,664.00
  16. New
    FieldCast PTZ Monk
    FieldCast PTZ Monk
    SKU FC-co210
    MSRP $930.00
  17. New
    FieldCast Power Station One
    FieldCast Power Station One
    SKU FC-br014
    MSRP $1,331.00

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