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Creating Our Story

A new marketplace requires a new story. Fueled by a greater sense of value and a commitment to excellence, 1SourceVideo is comprised of multiple warehouse locations that provide immediate nationwide coverage to an expansive customer base of over 3,400, a full production studio, and a live stream capable training center. Though our services are focused on North and South America, 1SourceVideo’s innovation and strides in distribution have emerged to a global scale.

Established in 1996, our company set out to become an industry leader with exclusive relationships throughout the market. By 2007, we re-branded to emerge as 1SourceVideo.com, LLC, which became known as “the one source for all your video needs” throughout the marketplace for its synergistic product unions. Within two years, 1SourceVideo was named “Distributor of the Year” by Thompson Grass Valley.

At 1SourceVideo.com, LLC, we mastered the art of bringing products to market and chose to partner with the leaders of the creative revolution. We designed our operational structure to form a one stop resolution environment and shopping experience that generates demand. We use live broadcasts, on-site demonstration, produce original events and live stream training to form the industry’s hub for resources, product training, and technical support.

1SourceVideo.com, LLC corporate headquarters and east coast shipping facility are located in Hazlet, New Jersey. Hazlet Township is in close proximity to the Regional U.P.S Processing Center and roughly 37 miles south of New York City and 56 miles northeast of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The nearest airport (EWR) is 27 miles from the office. As a high volume powerhouse, 1SourceVideo has maintained its position as UPS’s number one sales account by volume of shipments for this Region. Daily FedEx and DHL pick up is also available onsite.

1SourceVideo’s second branch is located in Chandler, Arizona. Chandler is a thriving sector of Arizona and home to some of the largest tech industry giants like GoDaddy, Intel and eBay. Located at 2223 West Pecos Road, Building C Suite 8 in Chandler AZ 85224, due to accelerated growth this facility is triple the size of our original one and offers the same great features you know like “LA Hot”; overnight shipping to the Los Angeles area, blind shipping to your end users and the accelerated turn around time that you have become accustom to with 1SourceVideo. The added value with our new facility is a new demo showroom, conference center and the ability to amplify stocking options for the entire west coast on available products from your favorite manufacturers.

We don't advertise
the word "value"..
We create it.

1SourceVideo has completed its next ground breaking step in redefining distribution, creating a fully-equipped training campus and production studio complex. The complex features an expansive production studio, a master control room, hair, make-up and dressing room, prop and set storage, en-suite green room and dedicated kitchen to fuel creative minds and talent. In addition, a showroom and training campus are also accessible from the studio facility. The creation of the production studio and training campus were concepts brought to life by Frank Conti, owner and President of 1SourceVideo. The choice to make an investment in 1SourceVideos’ resellers, for the benefit of the entire production industry, has been a passionate endeavor for Frank. It was our goal to create an “Apple Store” for post-production and broadcasters.

The design of the studio is explicitly focused on comfort, form and functionality. Only industry leading solutions and brands are showcased for use. The production studio will be accessible free of charge to any authorized 1SourceVideo reseller to meet and collaborate with their clients, who can now demo any piece of equipment in person before they purchase from the reseller. The studio will also be available to independent professionals and has the capacity to produce a full length motion picture and/or a live professional network broadcast.

The demo aspect of the facility is a feature that has been widely anticipated from resellers and end users nationwide. Previously, there were no options available to test products in a neutral “sales-free” zone. The climate in the 1SourceVideo production complex is focused on pre-sales support. The 1SourceVideo mindset is that to emerge as a leader, you must take the right measures and invest in the channel you support. The new facility provides the tools needed to support the latest technology without comprising the 1:1 ratio with clients. A dedicated studio manager will be onsite to assist visitors and special product specific appointments can be made with Vendors.

The training facility can also serve as an event space for like-minded creatives to collaborate and discuss trending issues. As an added option for resellers, 1SourceVideo will also make loaner equipment available on site to extend training to their staff back in their home office or allow clients to visit them locally.

Let’s face it, anyone can send a price sheet. To accurately hold the title of a “Value-Added Distributor” is to add worth to each product distributed. We have been able to accomplish all of the services above by nurturing a passion for the industry and actively listening to our sales channel to provide relevant programs and services. This approach, combined with the development of successful attachment rates, keeps us prominent in the marketplace.

1SourceVideo's Audio Suite is outfitted with the latest in Fairlight Audio Editing with a full 5-bay Fairlight Editing Console. Complete with channel fader panels, channel control panels, a Fairlight Audio Editor and LCD monitor console, our high end suite is fully prepared for mixing and editing for large track counts. Used by Hollywood and broadcast, Fairlight consoles make it possible to mix large projects with a massive number of channels and tracks.

A few feet away from the production studio, you will find the entry to the 1SourceVideo training campus. The training campus is a commitment to the growth of the entire production industry. Anyone can sign up for live technical and sales training from the manufacturers who are represented in the studio. End Users and Resellers alike can sign up electronically for training from anywhere in the world and experience a high quality live streamed broadcast while interfacing in real-time with industry professionals. Seating will also be available for up to 100 guests to join the training sessions in person, live at our facility.

Perfect Product Synergy Equals Proven Attachment Rates

1SourceVideo’s success in identifying variables in attachment rates has lead to the versatility of its product line. Choosing vendors with exceptional manufacturing quality, creative design and innovation are the additional components of success and above all synergistic unions are the driving force behind 1SourceVideo’s profitability and the creation of value. Through effective marketing and a complete spectrum of sales support, (pre, sales, and post) 1SourceVideo resellers lucratively respond to the main factors that yield high attachment rates to our primary products (Perception of value, Ease of use, and Quality).

As a result, strong attachment rates measure the effectiveness in our ability to not only take orders but to cultivate a customer. With hundreds of thousands of cameras sold, sales for complementary products distributed by 1SourceVideo (switchers, software, routers, optical cables, custom rigs, storage and more) has resulted in an over 40% attachment rate on every camera purchased.

Value Added Services

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Synergistic Product Line
  • Full Production Studio
  • Demo Showroom
  • Editing Bays
  • Fairlight Audio Suite
  • Color Correction and Edit Suite
  • Training Campus
  • Live Control Room
  • Dependable Regional Service
  • Product Sourcing
  • Market-Specialized Sales and Service
  • Product Quality You Can Trust
  • Bids & Project Order Management
  • Cost-Reduction
  • Technical Support
  • Inventory Management Reports
  • Shop: 1SourceVideo.com
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Bar Coding

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