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Ordering Procedures

E-Mail Orders

If you choose not to order online, a purchase order may be emailed to [email protected].

The purchase order must be submitted on a reseller purchase order form with company letterhead.

A purchase order number must be indicated.

A return phone number and email address for confirmation must be included. We will also use this email and phone number to contact the appropriate individual regarding any discrepancies with the order and urgent issues.

An email address for the accounting department and any other individuals who should receive a copy of the invoice and/ or shipping details (UPS/FedEx tracking number) associated with the shipment must also be included.

Lastly, the purchase order should be signed by an authorized reseller employee.

Itemized Information required on the purchase order:

  • Order Date
  • Reseller Account Number
  • Payment Terms
  • 1SourceVideo Product ID (Fully Accurate SKU) see monthly posted price sheets
  • Manufacturer Product Description
  • Total Quantity per product
  • Correct Price per Product from the 1SourceVideo price list (based on payment terms)
  • Requested delivery date (if needed)

How to place an Order

The best and easiest way to order from 1SourceVideo is to use our online catalog. Please log in to our website using your email address and password. Only authorized resellers may log in to the website and place orders.

Please contact your 1SourceVideo Sales Representative if this information is needed.

Online Orders

Simply add each item to your online cart to build your order.

Each product will default to display if the item is currently in stock or not in the NJ warehouse. If you have any questions regarding inventory, please feel free to contact your Sales Representative.

When the order is complete with the products you are looking for, click on the Proceed to Checkout Icon and continue through the checkout process.

If you have any questions during the checkout process please click on the live chat icon in your bottom right corner to speak with a sales representative easily and directly.

When placing your order online it is required to indicate:

  • P/O number
  • Shipping account number if desired
  • Owner of the Shipping account
  • Any special payment information
  • Any special requests
  • Any promotional codes to be applied

Incorrectly Published Product Details

While every attempt is made to have accurate information and pricing on our website, 1SourceVideo is not liable for any issues that may result from incorrect product details or product pricing published on the 1SourceVideo.com website. Please note that specifications and prices may change without notice. For confirmation of specifications, pricing or availability; please contact your 1SourceVideo Sales Representative directly.

Note: We will do our best to accommodate requested ship dates. Please indicate “ship best way” when noting a requested date, if the requested date is to take precedence before any desired shipping preference (such as “ground”, “3 day”, etc.) and our order processing department is expected to accelerate the shipping service automatically to accommodate this request. To help us accommodate requested dates please also indicate if the order can partial ship or if it must ship complete, and if the order can ship from any warehouse.

Complete Ship to Address

All Drop Shipments must include the Phone Number of the recipient. Any fees associated with an incorrect address provided, will be charged to the reseller. If desired to ship on a third party account, please indicate the account number and the owner of the account.  – We cannot accommodate drop ship requests on COD payment terms.

  • Bill to address (if different from company address on the letterhead).
  • UPS Method of shipment i.e. Next Day Air Early AM, Next Day Air, Next Day Air Saver, 2nd Day Air AM, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select or Ground. Any indication of “best way” will ship UPS ground if no requested date is noted.

If FedEx service is desired: a valid FedEx account number is required and must be noted on the purchase order with the level of service, i.e. FedEx Ground, International priority, etc.

Additional information required for first purchase order only:

  • Resale certificate (to eliminate billing of sales tax) from State in which your business resides.
  • Federal ID number.

Viewing Orders

With a valid user account, you are able to take advantage of this feature upon log in.

Each order placed online can be viewed within the account tab under “My Orders” and is updated during each stage of the shipment process. A tracking number will be available once the order is completed.

How to cancel your order: All cancellations must be submitted by email to [email protected]. The date the order was submitted and the purchase order number must be indicated in the email.

Cancellations must be submitted before the order cut off time, 4pm EST (for any orders shipping to EST and CST time zones) or 4 pm MST (for any orders shipping within MST and PST time zones). Any cancellations submitted after the cut off time are not guaranteed to be processed and any applicable shipping charges will be due.

How to change your order: All requests to make changes must be submitted to [email protected].

Change requests must be submitted before the order cut off time, 4pm EST (for any orders shipping to EST and CST time zones) or 4 pm MST (for any orders shipping within MST and PST time zones). Any changes submitted after the cut off time will be processed the next business day if possible.


Shipping Quotes: (the order has not been submitted)

 Quotes to determine the cost of shipping for a future or pending order can be obtained through the designated account representative for each reseller.

Proforma Invoices: (the order has been submitted)

Proforma Invoices will automatically be forwarded within 24 hours of receipt of an order with the following payment terms: Check, ACH, Intuit, or Wire transfer. The Proforma will include a shipping quote and a listing of all items on the order available to ship. Any Reseller may request a Proforma Invoice prior to the shipment of their order.

* Please note that all shipping quotes are subject to change, they are estimates only and can increase or decrease at any time based on fluctuating environmental changes, gas prices, transportations fees, and packaging.

Special Requests/ Notes on file: If all orders submitted should always be processed within specific guidelines or preferences, i.e. always ships complete, always use specific account number, please advise your 1SourceVideo account representative to enter a note to your company’s account on file which will alert the order processing department for each new order.

Contacts (Order or Proforma Invoice)

Questions regarding Order status, tracking information, etc:
    [email protected]

Responses to PO confirmations:
    [email protected]

Questions regarding a Proforma Invoice or payment:
    [email protected]

Questions regarding inventory, shipping quotes and product release dates:
    [email protected]

Questions regarding re-routing your order:
    [email protected]

Questions regarding a received order/ invoice or to obtain a new copy of any invoice:
    [email protected]