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Blind Spot Tile Solo

MSRP: $325.00
MAP: $325.00
SKU: BSG-1102-001-01

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Blind Spot



Blind Spot Tile Solo (Includes: Tile Lamp, Protective Pouch, Remote Dimmer Unit, Travel AC, Battery Adapter, Battery (NP-F550), Battery Charger, Ball Mount, Hot Shoe Adapter & CTO Gel

Open the window on to the world with the Tile Light. A portable, battery powered light for cinematography. With a large beam angle of 120 degrees the Tile creates a large even pool of light that makes everything look it's best. Combine beauty, flexibility, portability and strength.

Blind Spot Gear's single surface emitter technology is powered by embedded high-density blue emitting LEDs that excite a layer of phosphor diffusion. This creates an even pool of white light with perfect color temperature. Unlike remote phosphor our technology is contained which allows for a thinner, more portable, and higher power to size ratio.

Key Features

1.  TLCI 92,  550lx @ 3'  

2.  Portable & Thin @ 19mm (3/4”)

3.  Even pool of light for smooth beautiful shadows

4.  Battery & AC power included

5.  22w Draw 150w Tungsten equivalent

6.  Lightweight  300g/0.65lbs

7.  Compatible with any Sony NP-f battery

8.  SSE technology



With ingenious design the Tile Light can stand free at 15, 45 and 0 degrees, making it a perfect light to place anywhere quickly.

Blind Spot Gear is all about being portable so Ac and battery powering options are included as standard in the box.

Easily attach any colored gel with simple static.


Tech Specs:

  • Optical System: Single Surface Emitter
  • Beam Angle: 120 (half Peak angle)
  • Lumens: 1700 LM
  • Max Power: 22W
  • Max Current Draw: 3.5a (@6.5V)
  • Color: White Light 5700K
  • Dimming: 0-100%
  • Weight: 300G
  • Lamp Size: 164mm x 78mm x 19mm
  • Gel Attachment: Static attachment- no accessory required
  • Mounting: 2 off 1/4" 20 tpi
  • Voltage Range: 6.5-24V DC 
  • Connections: Power in: 3.5mm DC Barrel  Control port: 2.5mm 4 pin jack
  • Power:
    • Battery Clip Mounting- Battery clip mounts directly to the back of the Tile
    • Battery Supplied- 2600Mah NP-F550
    • Running Time- 45 Min at full power
    • Materials: Stainless steel/Brass/CNC Aluminium
    • Photometrics:
      • 0.3m - 5742 lx
      • 0.5m - 2067 lx
      • 1m - 517 lx
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Additional Info

Additional Info

SKU BSG-1102-001-01
UPC Code 724190316184
Weight (lbs) 8.0000
Manufacturer Blind Spot
MAP Price $325.00

In The Box

What’s Included

1x Tile Lamp

1x Protective pouch

1x Remote Dimmer Unit

1x Travel AC

1x Battery Adapter

1x Battery (NP-F550)

1x Battery Charger

1x Ball Mount

1x Hot Shoe Adapter

1x CTO Gel