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Account Information

All reseller’s are assigned to an account representative once they complete the application process and are approved. Account representatives act as a personal liaison between all departments. They will also keep you up to date on all product announcements and work individually with your account to maximize your business with 1SourceVideo and the represented manufacturer.

Account Inactivity

When 12 months transpire on a reseller’s account without any purchase orders submitted, the account will be made inactive. Once the account is inactive, the reseller will have to resubmit all required paperwork necessary to renew their dealership with 1SourceVideo. No orders will be processed for an inactive account until all of the renewal paperwork is received and approved.

Though an account may be inactive, the order history will be readily available for any inquiries.

Online Accounts

Online account users can take advantage of a multitude of tools available on our website that are locked to non-authorized users. To obtain login information, simply contact the designated account representative for your account.


  • Submit Purchase Orders with ease through our online store
  • View Status and Tracking information of Purchase Orders
  • View Products with Tiered Pricing
  • View Technical Specifications
  • View Product Videos
  • Download Price Sheets, Logos, Product Photos and Information
  • View All Current Promotions